The Remarkable Journey of Tea Plus: From Dragons’ Den to Vitabiotics Acquisition

Tea Plus has become a well-known name in the wellness industry, thanks to its innovative approach to tea and commitment to health.

The brand’s journey, marked by a successful pitch on Dragons’ Den, investment from Tej Lalvani of Vitabiotics, and eventual acquisition by Vitabiotics, is a story of strategic vision, resilience, and growth.

The Dragons’ Den Opportunity

Tea Plus made a significant leap forward when it appeared on the popular TV show Dragons’ Den. Founded by health enthusiasts who aimed to create functional teas with health benefits, the brand caught the attention of the Dragons with its unique proposition. The founders showcased their vision of combining traditional tea flavors with modern nutritional science, creating a line of teas that offered more than just a pleasant taste—they offered tangible health benefits.

The pitch highlighted Tea Plus’s commitment to innovation and health-conscious products. This approach resonated with Tej Lalvani, the CEO of Vitabiotics, who saw the potential in the brand’s vision and market appeal. Recognizing the alignment between Tea Plus’s mission and Vitabiotics’ focus on health and wellness, Lalvani decided to invest in the brand.

Investment from Tej Lalvani

Tej Lalvani’s investment marked a turning point for Tea Plus. His expertise and resources provided the brand with the necessary support to scale its operations, enhance its product line, and expand its market reach. Under Lalvani’s guidance, Tea Plus benefited from Vitabiotics’ extensive distribution networks and marketing expertise.

With this investment, Tea Plus was able to accelerate its research and development efforts, leading to the creation of new and innovative tea blends. The brand also improved its packaging and branding, further solidifying its position in the health and wellness market.

Strategic Growth and Expansion

The infusion of capital and expertise from Vitabiotics allowed Tea Plus to embark on a period of rapid growth. The brand expanded its product range to include a variety of functional teas targeting different health needs, such as immunity support, energy boosting, and relaxation.

Tea Plus also strengthened its presence in both retail and online markets. Partnerships with major retailers and e-commerce platforms made its products more accessible to a broader audience. The brand’s strategic marketing campaigns, including influencer collaborations and educational content, helped to build a strong customer base and increase brand awareness.

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Full Acquisition by Vitabiotics

As Tea Plus continued to thrive, the synergy between the brand and Vitabiotics became increasingly apparent. Recognizing the long-term potential and strategic fit, Vitabiotics decided to fully acquire Tea Plus. This acquisition was a natural progression, enabling Tea Plus to leverage Vitabiotics’ extensive resources and infrastructure to further its mission.

Under the Vitabiotics umbrella, Tea Plus has continued to innovate and grow. The acquisition has allowed the brand to benefit from Vitabiotics’ robust research capabilities, ensuring that its products remain at the forefront of the wellness industry. Additionally, Vitabiotics’ global reach has opened up new markets for Tea Plus, facilitating international expansion.


The journey of Tea Plus from its Dragons’ Den debut to its full acquisition by Vitabiotics is a remarkable tale of vision, innovation, and strategic growth. The brand’s ability to capture the attention of a leading industry figure like Tej Lalvani and leverage that investment to achieve substantial growth is a testament to its potential and execution.

Today, Tea Plus stands as a shining example of how a health-focused brand can successfully navigate the competitive wellness market, continually innovate, and achieve sustained growth. The partnership with Vitabiotics has not only validated Tea Plus’s vision but also provided the platform needed to take the brand to new heights. As Tea Plus continues to thrive under the Vitabiotics banner, its future looks brighter than ever.


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