Can we still go to Disneyland Paris?

I saw a video yesterday of someone who was worried that if the UK left the European Union, they would not be able to visit Disneyland Paris again!

Can we still go to Disneyland Paris?

Now it may have been a momentous decision with a lot of unknown consequences but I think I can confidently predict that Mickey Mouse will still be very happy to sign autographs and have his photo taken with visitors from the UK.

For UK businesses, I am sure that European companies will be equally happy for them to spend there hard earned cash on the continent, but why would UK companies do that?

Well why would people want to spend money in Disneyland Paris? It offers a great experience of course, if you enjoy that kind of entertainment it is one of the best. It has something that people want that they can’t get in the UK.

Equally many European businesses have something that UK businesses want and hopefully there will still be many reciprocal needs for Europe from UK business, only time will tell.

So the point of my initial lighthearted story is that it is a big world out there, there is so much to discover. I personally enjoy travel and have learnt and experienced so much from visiting different countries in Europe and beyond. My question is, do you apply this attitude to your business? You may seek to export and sell your goods abroad but what about purchasing?

Can you get something from Europe that benefits your company that you can’t get in the UK? A particular product or process, better quality, better prices?

You may have already thought about this but have been unsure how to contact the right supplier for you. The language barrier may be a problem. Don’t let this deter you, there are many companies based in the UK that can guide you through the process and add value to your business by sourcing for you and taking away the pain of doing it yourself.

You have the opportunity to gain an advantage – get your purchasing passport and start exploring now, just be careful to avoid Mickey Mouse suppliers though!

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